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My name is Rachel, and I'm a medievalist working at the University of Oxford. I currently work on the ERC-funded CLASP project (A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry). I specialise in Old English verse, but have also taught and published on Middle English literature. My research interests include material culture, manuscripts, versification and critical theory. You can find my professional profile and contact details at the University of Oxford here, and my profile here. If you do Twitter, you can follow me!

My personal research project, On the Nature of Things, seeks to recover an early medieval English theory of things by bringing Old English verse into conversation with teachings on materiality in contemporary theological, scientific and philosophical texts. I enjoy using my research to inform my teaching, and I've set up Say What I am Called to share some of these teaching strategies, as well as reviews of books and blog posts on academic matters relevant to the study of premodern objects and medieval materialisms.


My teaching plans are primarily digital, so you can use them regardless of your access to libraries and museums, and they can be taught in lockdown! While these pages are aimed at tutors and academics, students are encouraged to use them (and all users are welcome to write to me with questions).

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